Course Descriptions

HERM 101                Hermeneutics I                                                        3         

This course is the basis for Christian Theological study for a true explanation/interpretation of the text/scripture including homiletics and hermeneutics.    

HERM 201                Hermeneutics 2                                                      3

This course in the continuation of the study on interpretation.

A course designed to integrate Hebrew and Greek reading and syntax. This course involves the student in reading selected portions from the book of Bible/text and emphasizes grammar, structure, sentence structure and the drama of the text. Based on this foundation, Hebrew and Greek syntax will be taught. Attention is also given to developing and strengthening the student’s Hebrew and Greek vocabulary.

EVAN 101                 Evangelism & Prayer                                            4

This class develops the topic of Prayer and Evangelism in the following ways:

 What is Prayer? Why Pray? Types of Prayer

 Hearing from God

 Spiritual Warfare

 Weapons of Warfare

 The Model Prayer

 What is Personal Evangelism? Why is it important to me?

Who can do it? How is it done?

BIBL 101                   Bible Survey Old Testament                               4

This course provides an in-depth study of the Old Testament including:

 Books of Law

 Books of History

 Books of Poetry

 Books of Prophecy


BIBL 201                   Bible Survey New Testament                             4

This course explores the New Testament based on the fact that the New is the fulfillment and the answer to the Old.

CHHI 101                  Church History                                                       4

The goal of this class is to explore the tradition and majesty of the church. This class is to examine the beliefs of the church and how they originated. We seek to explore the past in order to lead us into the future.


 LEAD 101                Christian Leadership & Administration           4

This Study encourages leadership, growth and discipleship at its best by showing you how to teach and delegate, thereby enabling lay people to grow spiritually as they use their gifts to the fullest. This course assists you in becoming a spiritual leader and will show you how to gain   experience, sensitivity, faith and the ability to relate to people in a caring and motivational manner.

LEAD 201                 Pastoral Leadership                                              4

This course is designed for Pastors and outlines areas that are required for sound Pastoral Leadership in ministry today.

MUSC 101                Music & Arts                                                          4

This course takes an in depth look at how Music and the Fine Arts play an intricate role in the Worship Experience and becomes more than just singing a song, playing an instrument or dancing but becomes the Art of Worship.

CHFI 101                   Christian Finance                                                  4

This course examines simple principals that when applied can be used as a means of overcoming debt and increasing finances through management, planning and strategy, whether personal, ministry or business/entrepreneurship.

CHCO 101                Christian Counseling                                            4

This course teaches students the fundamental techniques of counseling, the qualifications of a good counselor, diverse areas that require counseling, and the valuable use of Scripture in counseling.  This study is designed to help Christian Leaders in their counseling work. It includes case studies and then tells what the Bible says about the problem. Some sections lead to a survey of causes, effects, counseling considerations and suggested ways to prevent certain problems. The end result of such a course is you learn in your counseling how to be practical, relevant and effective. 

DOCT 101                 Systematic Theology 1                                        3

DOCT 201                 Systematic Theology 2                                       3

APOL 101                 Apologetics                                                             3

A defense of the Scripture – Every Christian to some extent is an “apologist” (one who defends the Scripture). Many people are leaving the Christian faith because they believe the Bible is full of contradictions.  The truth is, the Bible when understood properly never contradicts itself. In this study you will learn things such as archaeological discoveries that relate to events in Scripture, the fallacies of Islam and why God allows evil to exist. This study provides clear, powerful and persuasive answers to many questions. At the completion of this course, your faith will be stronger and more mature as you will have learned precisely why Christianity stands up as evidence to the toughest scrutiny.

CHRT                        The Life of Christ                                                  3

ELEC                         Elective Courses                                                    3

Total Program Hours: 60